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Established in 2012, we offer an alternative to employers and defendants in defending against workers compensation liens. Our qualified staff has years of experience in all phases of the Workers’ Compensation system. Whether your case requires quick resolution or aggressive defense through lien trial, we have the skills and experience to meet your needs. We are able to provide the initial analysis and make recommendations on which strategy you may wish to consider.

Our experience allows us to identify the latest changes at the DIR, the WCAB and local Board policies and procedures. We appear at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards throughout most of California, and have a working knowledge of each Board. Our primary focus is negotiating, resolving or litigating liens. We strongly believe you deserve to have all the information necessary to make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed.

We also provide settlement document walk through services. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround of documents and due to experience at the local Boards are able to review and request documents to assist with quick approval of settlements and avoid unnecessary delays.
Since 2012 our outcomes allow us to report an average gross savings of 93.5% for our clients.

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Our Team

Wright Lien Associates, LLC is a team composed of professionals who bring over 30+ years of experience
to assist you with your lien needs.

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We are experts in

-Lien analysis
-Lien negotiation and resolution
-Lien litigation
-Expert Witness testimony
-First Aid Bill Review
-Walk through of settlements

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WCAB & Pricing

Please click the link below to see the areas we serve, including pricing information. We also offer in-
house training at no cost.

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Our Office

With our office loacated in Central California we are able to cover most Boards in California. Please click the link below to find out more. Depending on your needs we will extend our coverage to any Board in California.

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First Aid & Resources

We offer a program that allows referrals directly from employers who wish to monitor and reimburse their own first aid claims directly. The process allows for receipt of an invoice directly from the employer. WLA will do a bill review, reducing the bill to OMFS on each bill. WLA will confirm the recommended payment to the provider in writing. We will provide pay instructions to the employer for each employee invoice. Our cost for this service is $110.00 per hour. Most of the bill reviews take 1-2 hours. Should we notice, after a quick initial review, that the billing is reasonable and should be paid, we return the bill to you wish recommendations to pay in full. We do NOT charge our clients for situations like these as the quick service does not require drafting letters, completing full bile review or contacting the provider.